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Event Time and Date

Monday, April 21 2014, 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Gender Equality and Rights Society (G.E.a.R.S.) is working with Miss Veronica O'Brien to host a presentation/discussion around the female characters and their representation within the BBC television series, Dr. Who.


This is analysis of the women of Doctor Who according to the Bechtel Test.  The Bechtel Test questions the female role in films and or shows.   The first question is Are there two females who have names? The second: Do they speak with each other? And lastly do they speak about something other than men?   The questions will be based off of three episodes from different points of the series.  The question is: Who will pass?    In the beginning of Doctor Who, the women have played a vital role in the series.  The women in this series are fantastic role models, strong female characters and display positive body image.   

LEAD: Media Literacy

Ballroom (front), Hunt Union

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LEAD - Media Literacy, LEAD Program, Program/Special Event