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Wednesday, December 4 2013, 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM

“Student Interns Speak Out “ with Katharine Capozzi
Wednesday December 4   6:00pm Union Square

Targeting students, particularly Music Industry and Communication Arts/Mass Communications majors, this will be a panel and discussion about internships and the process of finding and completing one.  A group of students of different majors will come and sit on a discussion panel to talk about their internships and their experiences.  This evening will include Information on how to go about finding an internship and picking the right internship for you including internships abroad and how to go about that process.  Toward the end of the program, alumni of SUNY Oneonta will talk about their experiences as interns or their advice for the job market.  It will end with a Q&A session.

Cosponsored by MIC and Career Development

Hunt Union , Union Sqaure

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Program/Special Event

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