Meet the Senate!

The SA Senate is the legislative branch of the . As such, they meet on Tuesdays at 6:30 PM to discuss topics of vital interest and to serve as the voice of the student body.

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The SA Senate is the legislative branch of the Student Association. As such, they meet on Tuesdays at 6:30 PM to discuss topics of vital interest and to serve as the voice of the student body.


 Senator: Marisa Bevilacqua 

Committee Assignments: Committee on Instruction, Technology Advisory



Senator: Quetcy Betancourt

Committee Assignments: Mental Health Task Force, Library Committee


Senator: Erin Schindlar 

Committee Assignments: EOP, Emerging Leaders
Bio: Erin Schindlar is a senator for Fall 2016. She is a Junior with a Communication Studies major and a minor in Public Relations. She thinks she is a great asset to the Student Association because she wants the voices of the students to be heard whether it be complaints or good things about the campus. She thinks the position as a student senator is a great way to do so and to help implement necessary changes for the better.
Senator: Taane Pegg

Committee Assignments: Orientation, College Senate

Senator: Daniel McGill

Committee Assignments: Professional Chancellors, Curriculum Committee


Senator: Tristan Welker

Committee Assignments: Curriculum Committee, Public Events

Senator: Chelsea Deckert

Committee AssignmentsSexual Violence Appeal Board, Police Liaison Committee

BioChelsea is a junior here at Oneonta. She is majoring in Communication Studies with a minor in Business Communication. She currently holds a position as a Senator in the Student Association. She is a good asset to this organization because she knows how to effectively voice her opinion while making a positive impact on the student body.

Senator: Katie Buher

Committee Assignments: Committee on Instruction, Personal Safety 

Bio: Katie is a Business Economics major with a minor in Political Science. This is her first semester as a student Senator. She loves that she will be able to have a voice, and encourage others to use there's as well. She’s excited for a great year ahead, and is grateful for getting the chance to be in this amazing organization.

Senator: Sarah Hagag

Committee Assignments: Committee on Student Life, Student IT Governance

BioSarah is a junior with a major is Business Economics, has a concentration in finance and a minor in Business Communications. Last year she was a part of SA’s committee of internal review and got to see how Senate worked. She’s so excited to finally get to be a Senator and help voice her opinions for our student body!


Senator: Mary Tigue

Committee Assignments: General Education, Family Weekend Planning


Senator: Lorissa Rodriguez

Committee AssignmentsCampus Safety, Academic Planning/ Resource Allocation 

BioLorissa is a junior. She is a Business Economic major with a minor in Business Communications. Last semester she was on the committee of Internal Review and went to the weekly meetings for SA. The experience of being on the committee encouraged her to make the decision to become a Senator. She is really excited for this new opportunity and is looking forward to advocating for the student body here at Oneonta.

Senator: Ronique Moore

Committee Assignments: College Camp, College Senate

BioRonique is a junior studying Child and Family Studies. She is also minoring in Educational Psychology. She is a senator in the Student Association, and she believes she is a great asset because she is an outgoing, organized, leader who wants to speak out for our student body! She is currently an active member of Hall Government. The skills that she has obtained from her position will help better the Senate and student body as a whole.


Senator: Valerie Conforti 

Committee Assignments: Police Liasion, General Education 



Senator: Danny Byrne

Committee Assignments: Technology Advisory, Bookstore 


Senator: Luis Montalvo

Committee Assignments: Committee on Student Life, Parking


Senator: Jessica Mintz

Committee AssignmentsGeneral Education, Degree of Distinction

BioJessica is a senior majoring in Mass Communication and Philosophy with minors in Film and Computer Art. She is a Senator and member of SAAC. She likes to get the job done as proficient and fast as possible while maintaining a positive attitude. Her hobbies include Photography and telling puns! After graduation she plans to pursue a Master’s Degree in Television Production.



Senator: Arianna Greene 

Committee Assignments: Faculty Center Committee, AOD


Senator: Joseph Kovaly

Committee AssignmentsLibrary Committee, College Senate 

Senator: Alex Gilson 

Committee Assignments: Professional Chancellors, Student Life



Senator: Aliana Manteria 

Committee Assignments: College Senate, Student Life 



Senator: Timothy Nolan 

Committee Assignments: College Senate, Student Life



Senator: Benjamin Rosenstein 

Committee Assignments: Public Events, Student Health Advisory




Senator: Johanna Sosiewicz

Committee Assignments: Athletics Board, Adjunct Chancellors Award



Senator: Karolina Stypulkowski

Committee AssignmentsResearch Committee, Tobacco Free Campus

Bio: Karolina is a junior and a Criminal Justice major. This is her first year on Senate. She loves being apart of the Student Association because it gives her a lot more knowledge on how the campus runs. She believes her input will better the rest of her college experience, and will better other students as well! She also is the Vice President of the Women's Rugby team! 




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