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*SUNY Oneonta (OSC)

SUNY Oneonta's 250-acre campus overlooks the scenic Susquehanna River Valley in central New York about halfway between Albany and Binghamton. On nearby Otsego Lake in Cooperstown, the College maintains a complex which houses its

2017 (Class of 2017)

Class of 2017 seeks to help students develop the capacity for continuous learning and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances here at Oneonta.

2018 (Class of 2018)

for students in the Class of 2018.

2019 (Class of 2019)

for students in the class of 2019

2020 (Class of 2020)

Class of 2020

Accounting Society

The purpose of the accounting club is to bring together all people interested in accounting and to expand the knowledge of accounting through lectures, films, seminars, and through various learning excursions.

Africana and Latino Studies (ALS)

ALS Club fosters appreciation for the cultures and intellectual traditions of Africana and Latino people by promoting awareness, knowledge, and critical dialogue about issues and concerns relevant to Africana and Latino populations. The Africana and

Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED)

Alpha Epsilon Delta is the National Health Pre-professional Honor Society dedicated to the encouragement and recognition of excellence in pre-professional health scholarship.

Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi)

Alpha Epsilon Pi was founded to provide opportunities for the Jewish college man seeking the best possible college and fraternity experience. We have maintained the integrity of our purpose by strengthening our ties to the Jewish community.

Alpha Kappa Delta (AKD)

Alpha Kappa Delta is the International Sociological Honor Society. At SUNY Oneonta, we are the Alpha Pi chapter.

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