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Economics Club (Economics)

To establish and maintain an organization for students that will encourage and stimulate interest in the field of economics through discussions, lectures, films, seminars, and various learning excursions. The Federal Challenge Team Fa

Entrepreneurship Club

Whereas we believe that a group of college students interested in the field of entrepreneurship should organize for mutual benefit, we hereby establish the SUNY Oneonta Entrepreneurship Club.

Environmental Activism Club (EAC)

Purpose To encourage student interest, participation, and study in the Environmental Sciences. This will be brought about by bringing to the SUCO campus films and speakers, if possible and by educating the general public about environmental

Environmental Science Club (ESC)

The objectives of Environmental Science Club (ESC) are: a: To offer resources,encourage and support students interested in the Environemental Sciences. b: To promote and organize intellectual and social exchanges amongst students interested in

Equestrian Club

The purpose of this organization shall be to provide an opportunity for students to ride horses competitively or for recreation regardless of their race, gender, color, ethnic background, origin, or sexual preference.

E-sports Club (E-sports)

The E-sports club of the State University College at Oneonta's purpose is to bring together fans of competitive PC gaming.