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Faculty Opportunities

Events for Faculty Only. This page will have information on offerings by the Faculty Center and the TLTC


The purpose of the Oneonta Fencing Club is to promote the ancient sport of fencing within the college community. Our club is open to all who are interested in learning this sport. No prior experience is required.

Film Club (OFC)

We will offer members of the Oneonta Film Club the opportunity to expand their knowledge in the art of film and movie production, while simultaneously creating short films.

Finance Club

To establish and maintain an organization for students that will encourage and stimulate interest in the field of Business, specifically Finances and finance: including investment banking, trading, investment management, and corporate finance.

Food and Nutrition Association (Food and Nutrition)

The purpose of this organization is to encourage professional growth of members interested in careers related to Dietetics and Food Service Administration.

Ford Hall (Ford)

Ford Hall is a quad-style living-learning community of approximately 200 students from all class years, majors, and an array of backgrounds! We are just about smack dab in the center of campus, in the Milne Library's backyard! When the sun


The purpose of this organization is to diversify and contribute to the Fine Arts on the State University College at Oneonta campus through the art of step. The goals of this club are to bring a greater awareness to the culture of step, and improve