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Gamer's Guild (Gamer's)

2016-2017 Gamers' Guild is SUCO's tabletop gaming club. Our main interests include (but are not limited to) Magic: the Gathering, Dungeons&Dragons, Gundam, 7Wonders, Risk, and Settlers of Catan. We are open to any type of board or card game.

Gamma Theta Upsilon (GTU)

Gamma Theta Upsilon (GTU) is an international honor society in geography. Gamma Theta Upsilon was founded in 1928 and became a national organization in 1931. Members of GTU have met academic requirements and share a background and interest in geography.

Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

The purpose of this organization is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, community and their allies. We propose to achieve this goal through workshops, films, reading material,

Gender Equality And Rights Society (GEARS)

By unifying the Oneonta campus in the fight for gender equality and rights, we aim to keep our community informed of the various gender issues still present in today's society.

Geography Club (Geography)

To encourage student interest, participation, and study in Geography; to facilitate community service; and to increase interaction between students in geography and related disciplines.

Geology Club (Geology)

The club meets Wednesday nights at 5:00 pm in room 208 in the Science Building. The purpose of the geology club is to offer all interested students the opportunity to become better informed in Geology and the Earth Sciences. Come join and find out more!

Gerontology Club (Gerontology)

Gerontology: The scientific study of old age, the process of aging, and the particular problems of old people.

Golding Hall (Golding)

Golding Hall is a renovated double-style residence hall that participates in the First Year Experience program.

Golf Club (OSGC)

The purpose of the OSGC is to spread knowledge about the sport of golf to the students of SUNY Oneonta. We aim to educate students interested in golf as well as improve students golf skills.

Grant Hall (Grant)

Grant Hall Government has been vested with the power to use funds for the benefit of the Residents of Grant Hall. Our goal is to provide residents of the building with an outlet to suggest programming ideas they would like to see as well as provide