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MacDuff Hall (MacDuff)

Welcome to MacDuff Hall!! MacDuff is a suite style building located just below Wilsbach Dining Hall. MacDuff Hall houses approximately 200 students. The RHD, LeAnn, 9 RAs and 1 ATM are excited to welcome you home!

Management Club

The purpose of this group is to provide students with insight into management positions. To learn about management skills and responsibilities.

Mask and Hammer

The purpose of Mask and Hammer shall be two fold: First the organization shall be a club for the students of SUNY Oneonta to use as an outlet for theatrical creativity and growth by producing plays, musicals, and experimental theater projects; It shall

Matteson Hall (Matteson)

Matteson Hall is located just below Wilsbach Dining Hall. I am sure that you will find many friends in Matteson Hall. Matteson Hall houses approximately 200 students and staff. The staff is comprised of eight Resident Advisors, and one

Men’s Rugby Football Club at Oneonta (Men's Rugby)

The purpose of this organization shall be for the betterment, growth and perpetuation of the intercollegiate sport of Rugby at the State University of New York at Oneonta amongst the student body.

Men's Baseball

Follow us at and on twitter @RedDragonBsbl #reddragoncountry

Men's Basketball

Welcome to the SUNY Oneonta Men's Basketball website. Please take some time to look through our page as well as the entire college website. We take great pride in developing young student athletes for success in the classroom and on the court. We

Men's Cross Country

Men's Cross Country

Men's Lacrosse

The College at Oneonta is a liberal-arts college with a pre-professional focus. Oneonta features an outstanding faculty, students committed to academics and service, exceptional technology, modern facilities, and a beautiful campus. These factors allow

Men's Soccer

Soccer at SUNY Oneonta provides student-athletes with the rare opportunity to combine a competitive athletic experience with a first rate education. Located in “Soccertown USA”, home to the National Soccer Hall Of Fame, the Red Dragons

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