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Blodgett Hall (Blodgett)

I hope that you will take advantage of all that the college has to offer and take this opportunity to learn a little about Blodgett. Blodgett Hall is located just below Wilsbach Dining Hall. I am sure that you will find many friends in Blodgett Hall.

Curtis Hall (Curtis)

Curtis Hall is a suite-style building that offers students a more private living experience. Each suite houses 6 students with double bedrooms, a common area, and a bathroom. Curtis houses approximately 200 students and staff. We have a

Ford Hall (Ford)

Ford Hall is a quad-style living-learning community of approximately 200 students from all class years, majors, and an array of backgrounds! We are just about smack dab in the center of campus, in the Milne Library's backyard! When the sun

Golding Hall (Golding)

Golding Hall is a renovated double-style residence hall that participates in the First Year Experience program.

Grant Hall (Grant)

Grant Hall Government has been vested with the power to use funds for the benefit of the Residents of Grant Hall. Our goal is to provide residents of the building with an outlet to suggest programming ideas they would like to see as well as provide

Hays Hall (Hays)

Hays is a quad-style building and offers students a more private living experience. Each quad houses 4 students with double bedrooms and a common area that can be used for study or a living room. Male and female students are separated by room. We have

Higgins Hall (Higgins)

Welcome to Higgins Hall, SUNY Oneonta's only apartment style building. Primarily made up of upperclass students, Higgins boasts features of living independently with all the perks of living on campus.

Hulbert Hall (Hulbert)

Hulbert Hall is home to over 400 students. There are three special interest sections in Hulbert: OWLS (Outdoor Living and Learning Section), MAD (Making a Difference floor, and the Quiet Section. Hulbert is divided into three

Huntington Hall (Huntington)

Huntington hall is one of the five quad style buildings. Huntington hall has 200 residnets ranging from freshman to seniors.

Littell Hall (Littell)

Littell Hall is a double-style residence hall that participates in the First Year Experience program. The building houses approximately 200 first year students and provides specialized programming to meet the developmental and social needs of this

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