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*SUNY Oneonta (OSC)

SUNY Oneonta's 250-acre campus overlooks the scenic Susquehanna River Valley in central New York about halfway between Albany and Binghamton. On nearby Otsego Lake in Cooperstown, the College maintains a complex which houses its

Sanford Society

The purpose of this club is to provide opportunities for students majoring in or interested in the fields offered by the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics. This club shall provide a fun environment, complete with opportunities

Setting Humanitarian Initiatives for Tomorrow (SHIFT)

Our mission is to introduce the first student-led human-rights based organization to the SUNY Oneonta campus and community by bringing a more in-depth understand of our own human rights, and how they are being violated worldwide.

Sherman Hall (Sherman)

Welcome to Sherman Hall, the most convenient residence hall at SUNY Oneonta. Cross the road and you're in IRC, go out the back door and you are steps away from Mills hall. If you're looking for a friendly atmosphere, convenience, and quad-style living

Sigma Delta Tau (SDT)

Sigma Delta Tau, a National Sorority for college women, was founded at Cornell University on March 25, 1917. SDT is a member of the National Panhellenic Conference and has over 40,000 alumnae from over ninety college campuses across the United States

Sigma Gamma Epsilon (SGE)

The Society was established to recognize scholarship and professionalism in the Earth Sciences. It has for its objectives the scholastic, scientific, and professional advancement of its members and the extension of relations of friendship and assistance

Sigma Gamma Phi

Sigma Gamma Phi, also known as Arethusa, is the oldest recognized Greek sorority on the SUNY Oneonta campus. This past Fall we celebrated our 121st anniversary. The Delta Chapter of Sigma Gamma Phi was installed on October 20, 1894.

Sigma Iota Rho

Meeting the Challenge of Education Excellence in International Studies

Sigma Pi Sigma (SPS)

Sigma Pi Sigma exists to honor outstanding scholarship in physics; to encourage interest in physics among students at all levels; to promote an attitude of service of its members towards their fellow students, colleagues, and the public; to provide a

Sigma Sigma Sigma (Tri-Sig)

To establish among its members a perpetual bond of friendship, to develop in them strong womanly character, and to impress upon them high standards of conduct.

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