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Purpose Section 1: SUNY Oneonta Hillel has 3 primary purposes: 1. SUNY Oneonta Hillel shall work to unify and build a strong foundation for the Jewish community. 2. SUNY Oneonta Hillel shall create a thriving sense of

Hispanic Organization for Learning Advancement (HOLA)

The purpose of this organization is to sponsor Hispanic heritage and to foster the learning and awareness of the Hispanic culture.

International Students Organization (ISO)

Purpose Promote a relaxed atmosphere for International Students at SUNY College at Oneonta.Promote international understanding, acceptance and interaction amid International Students and foster good working relations with in SUNY College at Oneonta

Japanese Anime and Media (JAM)

The Japanese Anime & Media organization exists to provide a place for people who desire to be immersed in Asian pop culture, including animation & live action cinema, games, fashion, music, literature, art, recreational conventions or related activities.

Japanese Society for All (JSA)

JSA is a multicultural club that is open to students from all over the world. We hold general meeting “J-Party” every week. We hope to take a role to raise campus awareness of diversity and multiculturalism, specifically the Japanese culture.

Korean Cultural Club (KCC)

Our mission is to enrich SUNY College at Oneonta by promoting awareness of Korean culture to the SUNY Oneonta students and faculty.

Newman Club (Newman)

Purpose The S.U.N.Y. Oneonta Newman Club is established for the students and faculty of the State University College at Oneonta and the surrounding community, in order to further the knowledge of the Catholic faith.


To provide activities that promote a better understanding of the Italian language and culture.

Students of Color Coalition (SCC)

The purposes of the coalition shall be: 1. To acknowledge, understand, and teach those of our society through an intersectional lens. 2. To explore the vast cultures, religions, and ethnicities many of us represent. 3. To put diversity in action by co

United Evangelical Christian Council (UECC)

This organization exists to promote Protestant Christianity and serves as an umbrella for organizations seeking to do such. Currently the Council is comprised of Campus Ambassadors and Brothers and Sisters in Christ.