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Apollo Music Club (Apollo)

The name of the organization is The Apollo Music Club. Its purpose shall be to promote the cause of music as a fine art in the campus community. Its activities may include sponsorship of musical events, guest lecturers and performers, exchange programs

Dance Team

The purpose of this organization is to bring dancers within our school together to support and perform for Men's and Women's basketball games and to compete in a college level dance competition against other college Dance Teams throughout the county.

Drag'n Rolls (Drumline) (Drag'n Rolls)

Purpose: To provide a unique musical experience in marching percussion. To provide student members with an opportunity to exhibit leadership in musical direction and discipline in rehearsal techniques.To serve campus community and represent the SUCO


The purpose of this organization is to diversify and contribute to the Fine Arts on the State University College at Oneonta campus through the art of step. The goals of this club are to bring a greater awareness to the culture of step, and improve


The Oneonta State performs at both Men's and Women's basketball and soccer games, Greek life fundraisers, and events on campus. Our halftime routines include pom, jazz, and kick.

Mask and Hammer

The purpose of Mask and Hammer shall be two fold: First the organization shall be a club for the students of SUNY Oneonta to use as an outlet for theatrical creativity and growth by producing plays, musicals, and experimental theater projects; It shall

Mock Trial

The SUNY Oneonta Mock Trial Club is an SA funded club. Our club is focused on learning skills associated with Mock Trial and competing in mock trial competitions.

Oneonta Acappella Council (Hooked on Tonics & Pitch Slapped)

The purpose is to provide students with the opportunity to sing in an a cappella group and to expose the college campus to this genre of music. Hooked on Tonics also provides students with the opportunity to arrange popular songs for a singing group, to

Poetry Slam Association (Poetry Slam)

Purpose The Poetry Slam Association of SUNY Oneonta, is to be responsible for the organization, preparation, and promotion of all activities and events associated with poetry, collaborating to build community, inspire innovation, exalt tradition,

Terpsichorean Dance Co (Terps)

It shall be the purpose of this organization to promote the interest of the Fine Art of Dance on the campus and in the community. Activities include public dance performance and sponsorship of visiting professional dance instructors and/or

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